Foam Roller : Pilates

HOW TO do Pilates with a Foam Roller

Featured Product: Foam Roller 
Purpose: Use for sports training, to help enhance balance, for body awareness, to improve flexibility, and during dynamic strength training. In therapy or rehabilitation they help with muscle re-education and myofacial release. Use a foam roller to self massage the entire body
Compatible Exercises: Pilates, Strength Training, Self-Myofacial Release, Stretching

Foam Rollers are great tool for anyone to use, regardless of fitness level.  You can use Foam Rollers for low impact exercise or to release tight muscles and trigger points with self-myofascial release.

Below is a full 20-minute Pilates exercise using a Foam Roller.  Before starting the video, be sure to grab your mat, your foam roller and move your computer to your practice space.  Enjoy!

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