Massage Balls : Piriformis & SI Joint

HOW TO Use Massage Balls for Piriformis Muscles and SI Joint with Tuneup Yoga

Featured Product: Muscle Knot Relief Balls 
Brand: JFit
Purpose:  Release tight muscles, knots or adhesions and tension
Compatible Uses: Neck, jaw, shoulder, rotator cuff, lower back, hips, knees, calf muscles, and feet
Rolling Sands Harmony Retail Sale Price: $16.98 (*We carry a selection of other Massage Balls. Spiky Balls by FitBALL, Hand Renewal Therapy Balls by Rejuvenation, Mini Massage Balls by JFit, Muscle Massage Kit by Rejuvenation)

We know how tight our hips can get and how the slightest tension can cause pain and discomfort throughout our whole body.  For this exercise, grab two small massage balls of equal size.  Don’t have massage balls yet?  No worries! We have a great selection of massage balls to choose from! Trust us, you will get great support and release from utilizing this exercise when you’re muscles are tight!

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