BOSU Balance Trainer Ball : Cardio with Stretching

HOW TO use the BOSU Balance Ball for Cardio (with Stretching)

Featured Product: BOSU Balance Trainer Ball (Home) and the BOSU Pro Balance Trainer Ball
Brand: BOSU
Purpose: Build strength, trim, and tone while improving your balance and coordination.
Compatible Exercises: Yoga, Stretching, Cardio, Strength Training, Balance Training
Rolling Sands Harmony Retail Sale Price: $109.98-149.98

Just a couple of minutes of some cardio work and then a couple minutes showing a “simple” yoga routine using the BOSU.  I say “simple” because once we add a BOSU to any exercise, Yoga, or Pilates routine, nothing is as simple as it used to be.  Challenge the core and your balance or just add variety and fun to your practice with this balance training tool.

Are you thinking of incorporating BOSUs at your studio or gym?  Then take a look at the PRO version of the BOSU.  Sturdier vinyl, no feet, and weighs about four pounds heavier than the Home version.

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