Yoga : Restorative Yoga Props

HOW TO Use Yoga Props for Restorative Yoga 

For the next four Tuesdays, we’re going to share with you some videos on using props in Restorative Yoga Poses. This first video shows an example of setting up a yoga bolster, a yoga blanket, and some yoga blocks. It’s a short video (<2min) so it is not all encompassing, but hopefully will give you an idea on how to incorporate the variety of yoga props on the market.

Yoga props can be used in many ways – to provide support and stability or to enhance a stretch in some poses. Yoga blocks, for instance, can be used to bring the floor closer to you in a standing pose, so you can focus on the proper alignment and still have stability in your pose. A yoga block can also be placed under your hip in Half Reclining Hero Pose to intensify the stretch in your quadricep. But yoga props are really fantastic in Restorative Poses because they help comfort and support you in any posture so that you can totally surrender into a pose for a longer period of time.

So, take two minutes to watch this video (and join us again in the upcoming weeks) to start getting ideas on how to use yoga props in some nice relaxation poses.

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