Balance/Wobble Board : Rehabilitation

HOW TO do Rehabilitation Excercises using a Balance or Wobble Board

Featured Product: Round Balance Board 
Brand: J Fit
Purpose:  Improve balance and coordination at the same time increasing strength and reaction time
Compatible Exercises: Strength Training, Balance Training, Coordination Training and overall Toning
Rolling Sands Harmony Retail Sale Price: $28.98

Here’s a video on using a wobble board for rehab purposes. We’ve touched on some of these exercises and benefits of the wobble/balance board in a prior post, but sometimes it’s easier to understand when we see a video versus just reading instructions.

You can use a balance board as shown in this video, or a balance disc as well. Our balance board has a round base in center underneath that allows you to rotate in all directions. A balance disc works similarly, but is made of PVC and will ‘give’ in all directions versus tilting.

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How to Rehab With a Wobble Board — powered by