Foam Roller : Pilates Movement The Swan

HOW TO do The Swan with a Foam Roller

Featured Product: Foam Roller 
Purpose: Use for sports training, to help enhance balance, for body awareness, to improve flexibility, and during dynamic strength training. In therapy or rehabilitation they help with muscle re-education and myofacial release. Use a foam roller to self massage the entire body
Compatible Exercises: Pilates, Strength Training, Self-Myofacial Release, Stretching

Here’s how you can do the Pilates move called the “Swan” while using a foam roller.

There are several kinds of Foam Rollers that you can find in our store – 18″ vs 36″, and textured or non-textured. Currently we only sell high density foam rollers because they are more durable and hold their shape longer.  You can find our selection of Foam Rollers on our Fitness Page.  These items are very versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of both Pilates and general fitness exercises.