Meditation : Mudras

HOW TO Benefit from Mudras : Graceful Gestures during Meditation 

Following is an excerpt from an article called Mudra: Graceful Gestures from LifePositive.   The following descriptions of Mudras will give you a description on how to place your hands in different mudras and the benefits you can achieve.  Read through the examples and see which mudra resonates with you at this time and then incorporate into your daily meditation.

Note that there are many, many mudras….this is just a sampling.


These mudras are for everyone. They can be practiced for half-an-hour daily. It is advisable to sit cross-legged on your bed or on the floor while doing a mudra, but the Acharya assures that it won’t be ineffective if you do not follow this posture. You could even go for a stroll, with your hands casually tucked in your pockets, fingers folded in a particular mudra.

Mudras never generate an excess of energy, they simply seek an optimal balancing of prana, much like a thermostat. So next time you are ailing, remember it may just be an instance of maladjusted prana and an innocuous sleight of hand could be the cure.

mudras,yoga,fingers GYAN MUDRA

The thumb and the index finger are brought together in gentle contact, not pressing hard, while all other fingers are kept upright. This is the mudra most people are familiar with.

Great thinkers such as Buddha, Mahavir, Christ and Guru Nanak are generally depicted in this pose. Its practice ensures mental peace, concentration, sharp memory and spiritual feelings.

It cures insomnia and mental disorders, and dissipates tension, depression and drowsiness. This is a must for those who aspire to develop telepathy or wish to acquire extrasensory abilities.

mudras,yoga,fingers APAN VAYU MUDRA

(Also known as Mritsanjeevini Mudra)

Fold the forefinger down and touch the mound of the thumb. The little finger should be held erect.

It regulates complications of the heart. In a severe heart attack, if administered as a first aid measure within the first two seconds, it provides instant relief.

mudras,yoga,fingers PRAN MUDRA

Touch the points of the little finger and the ring finger to the tip of the thumb lightly.

This is a life-giving mudra, it energizes the body and improves its vitality.

It helps to improve eyesight. A must for those who feel nervous, tired and weak.

mudras,yoga,fingersSURABHI MUDRA

Join the little finger of one hand with the ring finger of the other and vice versa. Similarly, join the forefinger with the middle finger of the other hand and vice versa. Leave the thumbs free.

This controls rheumatic inflammation and sharpens your intellect.
mudras,yoga,fingers APAN MUDRA

Join the middle finger and the ring finger with the tip of the thumb; the forefinger and the little finger should be held upright.

Provides relief in urinary problems and eases difficulty in labor and delivery. It facilitates the discharge of waste matter from the body and purifies the system.

mudras,yoga,fingersLINGA MUDRA

Join both the palms and lock the facing fingers together, keeping one thumb upright. The upright thumb must be encircled by the other thumb and the index finger.

Makes the body resistant to colds, coughs and chest infections by generating heat in the body, and destroying accumulated phlegm in the chest.

It helps in weight reduction too, but has to be practiced with restraint.

The intake of at least eight glasses of water, and butter and ghee (clarified butter) as cooling agents in sufficient quantities is a must.

Due to the heat it generates, it may not be possible to practice this mudra with as much ease and flexibility as the other mudras. It might prove taxing and result in a feeling of lethargy.

mudras,yoga,fingers SHUNYA MUDRA

Bring the middle finger down to touch the palm and bring the padding of the thumb on top of it, keeping the other fingers straight up.

Do this for 40 minutes a day.

This mudra is ideal for ailments of the ear, and also helps those of the nose and the throat.

Even five minutes of this mudra will help an earache.
mudras,yoga,fingers VARUNA MUDRA

A bit like the Gyan Mudra.

Touch the tip of the little finger with the tip of the thumb while the other fingers are kept upright.

Regular practice ensures an optimum level of water in the body and heals all ailments connected with dehydration.