Yoga Strap : Head to Knee Pose

HOW TO do a Head to Knee Pose with a Yoga Strap

Featured Product: Yoga Straps 
Brand: Varies
Purpose:  Improve Balance, Strengthen Yoga Poses, Assist with Flexibility
Compatible Exercises: Yoga, Stretching
Rolling Sands Harmony Retail Sale Price: $5.58-$15.98


Just a quick video on how to properly get into Janu Sirsasana with a Yoga Strap. This is a wonderful hamstring stretch.  Great for runners, bikers, desk jockeys, and others!

There are a variety of Yoga Straps to choose from.

  • You can choose cotton or hemp material.
  • Buckles are either a plastic cinch buckle or a metal d-ring style.
  • And you can choose from lengths of 6 feet to 10 feet.

These are all personal choice decisions.  The longer lengths may be preferred by taller people, or by those who prefer bound poses, or Iyengar practitioners using lots of props.  Both types of buckles are easy to use, but some people may find the d-ring a little easier but the plastic buckles are a little quieter when allowing the strap to be used without looping.  When deciding between the cotton or hemp straps, you may want to read about the environmental benefits of hemp before making a decision.