How To Workout with the Core/Ab Roller

HOW TO use the Core/Ab Roller (also known as the “Exercise Wheel”)

Featured Product: Core/Ab Roller
Brand: J Fit
Purpose:  Build stronger abs/arms/shoulders/back and improve core strength
Compatible Exercises: Roll-outs, inch worms, lat/diagonal pulls, and rolling planks
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With both hands grab the Exercise Wheel by the handles on each side.  Get on your knees and roll the Exercise Wheel forward until you are extended all the way out.  Now roll the Core/Ab Roller back to the starting position.

Try doing as many as you can in one set every other day. Once you feel you have mastered this Core/Ab Roller workout you can take it to the next level and move on to the advanced Exercise Wheel workout.

Advanced Ab Exercise Wheel Workout:

With both hands grab the Core/Ab Roller by the handles on each side.  While standing bend over and place the Core/Ab Roller on the ground.   Now roll the Core/Ab Roller forward until your body is extended with your hands out in front of you.  Now roll the Exercise Wheel back to the starting position.  Repeat this process with the Exercise Wheel until you can no longer do any more.

Other Advanced Workouts:

  • When working out your obliques, you would roll straight then slowly turn the wheel to either direction. If your rolling to the left then you’re working your left oblique and vice versa.
  • You can work on an incline.  Rolling up and down an incline bench.
  • For a harder workout, you have the one handed roll. But you will need to split the wheels so it looks like a dumbell.

Tips and tricks:

  • if in the kneeling position and your knees get sore – pad with a towel or cushioned mat
  • if hands get sore – consider wearing gym weight-lifting gloves
  • if just beginning and struggling with abdominal control when extending out in front – consider positioning in front of a wall so you don’t overextend while learning.  Move further and further away from wall as ab strength and control builds til you no longer need the wall as “a brake”.
  • maintain proper form:
    • knees hip distance apart,
    • engage the abs when rolling outwards to maintain a flat back and keep the lower back from arching,
    • tuck your chin in slightly to also help with flattening the back,
    • only roll out as far as your range of motion will allow while maintaining proper form,
    • keep arms and legs straight.
    • When returning to the start position, visualize your body “jackknifing” with the hands and feet at equal distance as you bring the roller back.

Don’t overdo the number of sets or reps when first beginning – you don’t want to be so sore that you can’t repeat the exercise several times a week for consistency.  For example, start with 3 sets of 20 reps.

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