Hip Flexibility : Yoga

HOW TO Use Yoga for Hip Flexibility 

Yoga Straps are an important yoga prop to assist you in getting deeper into poses, in holding your poses longer, and all while maintaining proper alignment in the pose. A yoga strap can become an extension of yourself to allow you to reach hands and feet that would otherwise be unreachable. It can also make certain bound poses easier, without having to loop two straps together.

Yoga Straps come in varying lengths from 6′, 8′, and 10′.  The preferred length would depend on your height and if you were wishing to do binds, therefore needing to loop the strap.  Buckles can be either plastic cinch buckles, which are less expensive and are quieter when not looped.  Metal D-Ring buckles are considered a little easier to loop through, but weigh a little more and ‘jangle’ when not looped.  They are made of durable cotton or hemp.  Cotton straps are available in purple, blue, or black.  So lots of choices!

Grab your Yoga Strap and experience how to work on your flexibility in your hips with this Triangle Pose.

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Massage Balls : Piriformis & SI Joint

HOW TO Use Massage Balls for Piriformis Muscles and SI Joint with Tuneup Yoga

Featured Product: Muscle Knot Relief Balls 
Brand: JFit
Purpose:  Release tight muscles, knots or adhesions and tension
Compatible Uses: Neck, jaw, shoulder, rotator cuff, lower back, hips, knees, calf muscles, and feet
Rolling Sands Harmony Retail Sale Price: $16.98 (*We carry a selection of other Massage Balls. Spiky Balls by FitBALL, Hand Renewal Therapy Balls by Rejuvenation, Mini Massage Balls by JFit, Muscle Massage Kit by Rejuvenation)

We know how tight our hips can get and how the slightest tension can cause pain and discomfort throughout our whole body.  For this exercise, grab two small massage balls of equal size.  Don’t have massage balls yet?  No worries! We have a great selection of massage balls to choose from! Trust us, you will get great support and release from utilizing this exercise when you’re muscles are tight!

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Yoga Blocks : Yoga Tuneup for Hip Flexibility

HOW TO Use Yoga Blocks for Hip Flexibility

Featured Product: Yoga Blocks
Brand: Rolling Sands Harmony
Purpose:  Assist with flexibility and balance during stretches and yoga poses
Compatible Exercises  Iyengar, Hatha, Anusara, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Restorative and Pre-Natal yoga practices
Rolling Sands Harmony Retail Sale Price: $9.78 (*We carry a selection of other Yoga Blocks with varying materials and sizes.)

Improve your hip strength and flexibility with a simple yoga exercise using a Yoga Block.

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Massage : Back, Hip, Sciatica

HOW TO Massage Back, Hips and Sciatica using Foam Roller

Featured Product: Foam Roller 
Purpose: Use for sports training, to help enhance balance, for body awareness, to improve flexibility, and during dynamic strength training. In therapy or rehabilitation they help with muscle re-education and myofacial release. Use a foam roller to self massage the entire body
Compatible Exercises: Pilates, Strength Training, Self-Myofacial Release, Stretching

Here are some helpful tools to assist you with pain in your hips, back and sciatica.

  • Small smooth massage balls (similar to tennis balls, but with variable densities to choose from depending upon your pain level)
  • Large Spiky massage balls (larger balls are better for bigger muscle areas)
  • Foam Rollers are a great way to roll out the IT Band (side of thigh), hips, glutes, and back
  • Body Rolling Ball is a larger durable vinyl ball that is adjustable in inflation and feels good on the larger gluteus muscles and back muscles in addition to hamstrings
  • TheraCane to apply pressure to release knots
More massage tips from Save Yourself website.  To release trigger points in this area, there are several tools you can use: