Prenatal Pilates

In this video you will learn several easy-to-follow exercises that are beneficial for pregnancy, but aren’t just for pregnant women. Good cueing to engage the pelvic floor and core. In these simple pilates exercises all you will need will be a pilates mat and a small inflatable exercise ball.

We offer several sizes of these small exercise balls – a 7″ Exercise Ball and a 9″ Exercise Ball. When using them to provide resistance in your exercises, they will generally be slightly under-inflated. When using between the legs, you’ll still want your knees about hip-distance apart and if between the arms, arms should be shoulder-width apart depending on the specific exercise. Hopefully that will give you a rule of thumb to determine which size is best for you. We also offer a 6″ ball that is used for body rolling (a wonderful massage technique), that could also be used in many exercises as well.

Stability Ball for Prenatal & Delivery

Exercise Stability Balls can be used in many forms of exercise – whether it’s Yoga, Pilates, or Fitness workouts. What some people don’t know is that these same balls are not only used for Prenatal Yoga, but in preparation for delivery of a baby. Hospitals and birthing centers incorporate “Birthing Balls” as part of their birthing preparation classes. This video will give you some ideas as to how this may be done.

When following along with this video, have your Yoga Ball / Birthing Ball, a Yoga Mat, and even a folding metal chair available to try some of these exercises.

Prenatal Yoga – Volume IV

Following is the fourth video in our series of Prenatal Yoga on a Ball. Each have run about 10 minutes long. To make one continuous practice, watch each of the last four Tuesday videos for a nice practice. In today’s video, Sara shows us a side stretch and some gentle backbends on the ball. You’ll need a yoga bolster and a Yoga Ball for this portion of the video series.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series.  Even if you aren’t pregnant, you may enjoy trying some of these yoga poses on the stability ball, or even to learn how to incorporate a yoga bolster into your practice.

Prenatal Yoga – Volume II

The following Prenatal Yoga video using a Yoga Ball is the second in our four-part series. If you missed last week’s video, you may wish to start with that 10-minute video before watching this 9 1/2 minute continuation of this practice offered by Sara Varona.

In today’s practice you will practice doing the ever-so-important-for-pregnancy squats in which you will use the Yoga Ball, but you may also wish to add a Yoga Bolster, Yoga Blocks, or a Yoga Blanket if you struggle with doing squats with your heels flat on the floor. This is also a great time to use Yoga Wedges which will offer that stable, sloped angle to raise your heels and still have the necessary support.

In addition to squats, you will perform some arm-strengthening exercises – perfect practice for carrying your new baby!

Prenatal Yoga – Volume I

Over the next several weeks we are going to offer several videos on Prenatal Yoga. This is the first of four videos from Sara Varona. In these videos, Sara recommends having a Yoga Ball, 1 or 2 Yoga Bolsters, and a small pillow to rest your head in Savasana.

For this first video, all you’ll need is the Yoga Ball. Yoga Ball manufacturers provide sizing charts to allow you to choose the right size based on your height. You’ll find this information on each of our product pages.  Primarily you will want a ball that will allow you to sit with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

Yoga Balls are also called Stability Balls, among many other terms, and can be used in many exercises – not just for these prenatal yoga poses. These poses can also be performed by anyone just to add some variety to your practice.

Before starting this video, I’d recommend turning up the volume on both your computer and the video itself, and find a nice quiet room.  The one drawback to this series was the volume being slightly too low.

This video is just the first 10-minutes of her entire practice – so don’t leave yourself unbalanced, be sure to do the Warrior II and Side Angle on your opposite side, too! And come back next Tuesday for more of Sara’s Prenatal practice.