Yoga Toes

HOW TO Use Yoga Toes for Sore Feet, Realignment and Posture 

Yoga_toes_1Featured Product: Yoga Toes
Purpose: Relieve sore feet, correct and realign foot structure, strengthen and stretch foot muscles, improve circulation, improve posture and balance
Rolling Sands Harmony Retail Sale Price: $39.88

Yoga Toes are easy to wear while you are relaxing after a long day and can naturally help treat:

  • Bunionettes
  • Bunions
  • Hammer Toes
  • Claw Toes
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Poor Circulation
  • Crossed or Overlapping Toes
  • Mallet Toes
  • Flat Feet 

For more information, please watch this short video on Yoga Toes.


Detoxifying Foot Soak

HOW TO Use Himalayan Salt for Sore Feet 


Featured Product: Himalayan Salt Foot Therapy
Purpose: Detox, hydrate your skin, balance pH levels, relieve dry/cracked skin, cleanse and eliminate odor.
Rolling Sands Harmony Retail Sale Price: $11.48

Your feet carry you all your life and we so often neglect them. Indulge in a relaxing foot soak once a week to eliminate pain, soreness and balance your natural pH levels. *Evolution Salt products are all hand-mined and hand-carved to maintain the purity of the salt.  Himalayan Salt consists of 84 trace minerals – almost the identical set of elements as the human body.

Watch this video on Himalayan Salt Benefits and browse our Himalayan Salt Collection.


Relieving Tension in Feet

HOW TO Use Muscle Relief Balls for Feet

JF_MuscleKnotReliefBalls__85335.1375827659.1280.1280Featured Product: Muscle Knot Relief Balls                          Brand: JFit                                                                             Purpose: Penetrate into muscles to relief tension & pain                                    Rolling Sands Harmony Retail Sale Price: $16.98-17.95



  1. Press and Roll up and down — length of the foot.
  2. Press and Roll up and down diagonally — base of big toe to outside of heel.
  3. Press and Hold –place ball sightly to the outside edge in front of heel.
  4. Press and Hold — place ball in the middle of your foot.
  5. Press and Hold — place the ball at the edge of the ball of your foot.
  6. Press and Hold — Place the tennis ball at toe mound then flex toes 5-10 times.

Sore Feet / Plantar Fasciitis

HOW TO Relax and Relieve Tension from Your Sore Feet

Fitball_spikyballredhand__97779.1333484688.1280.1280Featured Product: Spiky Muscle Massage Balls
Brand: FitBALL
Purpose: Used for sensory therapy, manual massage and reflexology.
Rolling Sands Harmony Retail Sale Price: $4.78-5.98

Below are a few featured products that help with sore feet. We all carry tension in parts of our bodies and for those of us who carry stress in our feet can benefit from these tips!

If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, Spiky Muscle Massage Balls are your friends! Here is a comprehensive video on how to use them.