Pilates : The Essentials

HOW TO do Pilates : What you need to know before you try! 

What is Pilates? How do I get started with Pilates? How would Pilates benefit me? Is Pilates just another form of Yoga?

If you find yourself asking these questions, this is a great video for you. Learn the history and benefits of Pilates and, even more importantly, how to perform the basic functions properly to help you get started safely and effectively.

As you start your Pilates practice, you’ll need one simple basic prop – the Pilates Mat. A Pilates mat differs from a yoga mat in one simple way. They tend to be a little thicker to provide cushioning for your spine and joints when doing a floor routine.  Generally speaking, you’ll want to look for a mat that is 1/4″ thick (or offers a comparable cushioning factor – some materials have a higher “cushioning factor” than others).

As you find yourself enjoying the benefits of this great fitness practice, you may eventually look for additional props to use during your workouts – such as a Pilates Ball, Toning Balls, a Pilates Ring, elastic Bands, and more.  But many Pilates exercises can be done with just a mat alone.  That’s a great place to get started.

Pilates: The Essentials

Pilates: Toning your Arms

HOW TO Tone Your Arms while Doing Pilates 

A brief video on toning your arms in Pilates.  Being mindful of your movements and activating those muscles is a sure way to get results.  Adding a Pilates Ring, Pilates Bands, or soft-weight toning balls will also help you achieve your desired results…and quick!  These Pilates tools add weight and resistance to your routine and will help you to focus on engaging those muscles.

How to Tone Your Arms With Pilates — powered by http://www.livestrong.com