Balance Disc : Beginner Pilates

HOW TO do Pilates using a Balance Disc

Featured Product: Balance Disc
Brand: Natural Fitness
Purpose:  Improve balance, strength and stability. When used against your feet or hands this surface stimulates the nerve endings and acupressure points, improving circulation
Compatible Exercises: Strength Training, Balance Training, Coordination Training, overall Toning, Yoga, Pilates
Rolling Sands Harmony Retail Sale Price: $24.78

By creating an unstable base, you can turn some beginner Pilates moves into a more advanced or challenging workout. It’s an easy way to get a more “all-body” workout in the same amount of time. In the following video, the instructor and model review how to take some simple moves and make more challenging using one or two Balance Discs (or Balance Cushions).  One exercise also uses the Pilates Ring.  We offer two Balance Discs in our store: Balance Disc by TKO and an environmentally friendly, phthalate-free vinyl Balance Disc by Natural Fitness.  These balance discs can be incorporated into many Pilates exercises, Yoga poses, and other exercise routines.