Balance/Wobble Board : Plank w/ Knee Crossover

HOW TO do a Plank w/ Knee Crossover using a Balance or Wobble Board

Featured Product: Round Balance Board 
Brand: J Fit
Purpose:  Improve balance and coordination at the same time increasing strength and reaction time
Compatible Exercises: Strength Training, Balance Training, Coordination Training and overall Toning
Rolling Sands Harmony Retail Sale Price: $28.98

A quick video showing how to perform this plank variation while on a Balance Board.

Balance Boards, Wobble Boards, and Balance Discs come in a variety of sizes and materials but essentially can be used interchangeably in a variety of exercises. Balance Boards, or Wobble Boards, are wood with a round base to create your unstable surface. While the Balance Discs are made of a soft inflatable vinyl.

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